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Looking to kick-start your Old School RuneScape Botting journey with a competitive edge?

Look no further!

– At xJ9’s Account Sweat Shop, we offer a wide range of OSRS Accounts –
🤍 Pures
💙 Skillers
💝 Starter Mains
🥚 Tutorial Islanders 🐣
✨ High Alch Ready Accounts✨
🎣 Trade Ready Fishing/ Cooking Accounts 🥞
🌕 Runecrafting Accounts with Raiments of the Eye Set 🌑 
– and so much more! –

Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities and dominate the game with our exceptional account options!
Here’s what we have to offer:


Cost Effectiveness: Our accounts are competitively priced, allowing you to get your hands on high-quality accounts without breaking the bank. Get your accounts at a great value and further your spending power with our discounts!
Bulking Discount – Buy +5 of a specific account type and Get 5% Off on that category!
Checkout Discount – Purchases over $20 to get an Additional 5% Discount on all products
Bulk Offers with No Unnecessary Compromises! Random Vendor risk and transaction fees adding to costs? NOT IN MY HOUSE! With Over 2000 accounts in stock, count on us as a reliable source for all your botting needs! Avoid the hassle of browsing through hundreds of listings for individual accounts and spend the time you save maximizing your botting potential and profits!

Competitive Advantage: Gain an instant advantage over other players with our specialized account types. Whether you’re looking for a pure account for dominating specific combat brackets, a skiller for resource gathering, or a specialized money maker for lucrative ventures; our accounts are designed to give you a head start and excel in your chosen play-style.

Money-Making Potential: Maximize your wealth generation with tried and true methods using a variety of the most viable builds. These accounts are optimized to engage in profitable activities, ensuring a steady flow of in-game currency and valuable resources. Capitalize on the lucrative opportunities that await you and amass a fortune in no time.

Quested and Rested: Skip the tedious questing grind and dive straight into the exciting benefits a quested account has to offer. Our quested accounts are carefully crafted to have completed essential quests, unlocking access to exclusive areas, items, and game features, as well as keeping you under the radar of bot detection!
Secure and Unregistered Email Address Log-ins: Your account is protected with an unregistered email address log-in, ensuring complete ownership and security. You can confidently personalize and secure your account with your own email, providing peace of mind and control over your valuable virtual assets.
Unlike accounts being sold in the open market, all accounts in the Sweatshop are made by a single original owner from start to finish. No Workers means you own an account that has never had their credentials needlessly shared with strangers!
Accounts are unregistered unless stated otherwise and registered accounts will include an email in most situations (unless I’ve lost access to the email). Once you have linked an email to your account, you have complete control for any possible appeals/unlocks!

Instant Delivery: Automatic Delivery takes care of everything upon purchasing your new accounts! If you’re a member of our website, you can access your Sweatshop Account at any time to easily manage your purchase history and account credentials.
Use PayPal for instant delivery through our website!
If using Crypto, we will deliver all credentials to your email upon blockchain confirmation (be sure to use a valid email!).
You can check your purchases at any time if you’ve made an account on this site, otherwise, please be attentive to email delivery.

Browse our stockpile and choose the perfect accounts to conquer Gielinor on your terms! At xJ9’s Account Sweat Shop, we are committed to providing you with top-quality OSRS accounts that deliver exceptional value for the best gaming experience.

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